About Us


Vaccine is one of the greatest medical achievements in the history of mankind. Every year, vaccination programs have saved approximately 3 million lives from deadly conditions while protecting nearly half of our children worldwide against diseases, disabilities and death. Specifically, over the past 25 years, 6.7 million Vietnamese children have benefited from such programs, which prevented hundreds of thousands of death cases caused by infectious diseases.

The process of mass vaccination, however, is facing immense difficulties as complex changes are emerging amidst today’s pandemic situation. Hoping to give equal vaccine access to the wider public in order to minimize risks and losses, Vietnam Vaccine Joint Stock Company was established in June 2017, becoming the first system of high-class vaccination centers in Vietnam, contributing to our nation’s healthcare industry to provide a full range of high-quality preventive vaccines with stable prices.

With multiple branches spanning across Vietnam, VNVC is proud to be the first vaccination system in Vietnam to own a GSP standard and modern cold storage system, ensuring the storage temperature from 2-8oC. This system is fully equipped with cutting-edge automatic monitoring technology with safety measures to trigger and transmit timely warnings should the temperature exceed the allowable threshold, ensuring that all vaccines are kept under strict and highly qualified conditions.

Proudly importing the latest generation of vaccines from the world’s leading manufacturers, VNVC provides many flexible vaccination services at customers’ request: on-demand, vaccine reservation, online purchasing, on-site vaccination service for organizations. VNVC also provides diverse vaccination packages for different age groups (children, preschool, teens, planning pregnancy women, adults) giving clients more options. Additionally, VNVC is the first vaccination system in Vietnam to implement a 6-month interest-free installment payment policy, to aid those who seek financial support.

Committed to price stability even in times of vaccine shortage, VNVC candidly publishes an official price list on the website to help save costs, time and effort, making the vaccination experience more pleasant and promoting VNVC as a trustworthy point of contact for millions of Vietnamese families.

At VNVC, all injection rooms are equipped with specialized vaccine storage cabinets. Quality is ensured by specialized transportation with refrigeration systems. At each center, VNVC has an emergency room with standardized modern equipment approved by authorities for post-vaccination side effects.

Those who come to VNVC for vaccination receive a free consultation with a doctor. Doctors will examine and give age-appropriate advice to help clients decide the most suitable vaccines for themselves. All doctors and nurses at VNVC have earned their certificates of safe vaccination. The nursing team is especially well-trained in vaccination, painless injection skills along with childcare regulations.

At VNVC, facilities including injection rooms are equipped with modern and high-standard assets. The waiting areas exude a sense of comfort, relaxation and in turn creating a child-friendly environment thanks to colorful decorations. Private baby care, pantry room and nursing spaces are also available for families with infants. Filtered water, charging booths and free wifi are easily accessed to ensure a pleasant waiting time.

Each VNVC client is provided with an identification code, which can be accessed at every VNVC centers available in the system. This ensures a fast process during client’s future visits while keeping their personal information confidential. Clients can also check their vaccination records or make appointments through the official website. After successful registrations for vaccinations, clients will be reminded by our customer care service as well as an automatic system prior to the date of appointment.

In order to enable a smooth and welcome vaccination experience, VNVC has intensified daily working hours from 7:30am to 5:00pm, including weekends and public holidays to answer the public demands for timely vaccination.

In the future, VNVC plans to expand greatly, bringing high-standard vaccination services with stable prices closer to Vietnamese citizens nationwide.