Vaccination for Adults

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), up to 600,000 adults die from dangerous infectious diseases every year, though these can be prevented by vaccines. Meanwhile, the percentage of people who are fully vaccinated is low due to lack of interest or information about vaccination programs, which not only affects their health but also embodies the risks of spreading the disease to children. Therefore, it is recommended that adults take the initiative to vaccinate themselves to prevent dangerous diseases, and at the same time,  protect the health of their families and communities.

Why do adults need to be vaccinated?

Vaccination is not only necessary for children but also very important for adults. Why do adults need to be vaccinated? What vaccines are available for adults?

Vaccination schedule for teens and adults

Based on epidemiological practices and health characteristics in Vietnam, experts recommend vaccination schedules for teens and adults as follows.

Pre-Vaccination Guidelines

A screening before vaccination to help detect abnormalities and make decisions to postpone or not give a certain vaccine, ensuring the safety of the vaccinated person.

Post-Vaccination Guidelines

Including detailed instructions on side effects after vaccination, how to take care and observation methods for the vaccine recipients.

Vaccines recommended for adults

Based on the epidemiological situation and health characteristics, experts recommend the following vaccines for adults, of which 6 are especially prioritized.

Vaccines recommended for teens

Experts recommend that vaccination as well as a booster for teens are extremely important to prevent dangerous diseases.

Vaccine packages for adults

This package includes numerous vital vaccines that are recommended to be given as soon as possible to prevent dangerous infectious diseases.

Vaccination for planning - pregnancy and pregnancy women

This package includes necessary vaccines to protect mother and the baby against dangerous infectious diseases before and during pregnancy.

Vaccination procedures

The 5 - step vaccination process to ensure the vaccination is safe, convenient, quick and time-saving.