Vaccine Packs for Planning Pregnancy


No. Target antigens or disease Vaccine trade name Country of manufacture Package 1 Package 2
1 Measles – Mumps – Rubella MMR II USA 2 2
2 Varicella Varivax USA 2 2
3 Diphtheria – Pertussis – Tetanus Boostrix Belgium 1
Adacel Canada 1
4 Influenza Influvac Netherlands 3
5 Hepatitis B Engerix B 1ml Belgium 1 1
6 Tetanus Menactra USA 2 2
Total (doses) 11 8
Package price (VND) 5.350.000 4.366.000
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  • Our vaccines are imported from licensed & registered oversea providers. Other vaccines made in Vietnam have been approved for use by our MOH. We follow all vaccine storage conditions recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) 
  • We guarantee to provide the vaccine package reservation even if the shortage of vaccines happen in Vietnam.
  • The package prices may change without prior notice, please contact our hotline for details.