Pre-Vaccination Guidelines for Adults

Screening before vaccination

It is necessary to have a screening for contraindications and precautions before a vaccine is administered. This screening will provide information to help the persons who administer vaccines decide which vaccine should/ or should not be administered.

Therefore, doctors and health care personnel should use a standardized screening questionnaire to ensure all vaccines are administered safely.

The conclusion of the screening is based on information provided by the vaccine recipients or the guardians as well as the examination by the doctor.

The screening at VNVC follows MOH guidelines, which including:

    • Vital signs checking (body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, blood pressure)
    • Others depending on the specific case

In order to ensure the vaccines can be administered safely, all vaccine recipients should:

    1. Bring the vaccination record on the day of your appointment
    2. Provide your health information: medical history, current medication or treatment methods, vaccine reactions and allergic reactions
    3. For women, please inform the staff if you are pregnant or planning to be pregnant
    4. Stay at the vaccination center for at least 30 minutes after being vaccinated. Let our medical staff know if you are experiencing any abnormal symptoms such as: vomiting, hard to breath, redness, ect.
    5. Call our hotline or go to the nearest medical center if you have redness or other symptoms within 48 hours after being vaccinated
    6. It is allowed to administer several vaccines at the same visit
    7. To request on-site vaccination for organisations, contact our hotline