Vaccination for Children

Since the introduction of vaccines, more than 1.6 million children have been saved from nearly 30 infectious diseases. The implementation of vaccination programs in Vietnam helped to end chickenpox since 1979, poliomyelitis since 2000; and neonatal tetanus since 2005; saving thousands of VNĐ on health care expenses. We can absolutely reduce morbidity and mortality caused by dangerous infectious diseases among children under 5 by routine immunization programmes. Please take the initiative to vaccinate all babies so that they can grow up safe and healthy.

Vaccination schedule for children

Update the latest and most recommended vaccination schedule to ensure that your children are fully vaccinated.

Pre-vaccination guidelines

Read the pre-vaccination guidelines in order to detect abnormalities, postpone or suspend a certain vaccine, ensuring that the vaccine is safe for the child.

Post-vaccination guidelines

Giving clear instructions on what to know after vaccination, methods to help parents observe and take care of their children after vaccination.

Vaccines for children

VNVC provide a full list of vaccines for children by age, which are either imported from licensed manufacturers, or produced in Vietnam.

Vaccine packs for children

These packages ensure that all vaccines are available even if a shortage of vaccines happens.

Vaccination for preschool children

This package helps parents to choose a vaccination program in order to prevent their child from dangerous infectious diseases.

Vaccination process at VNVC

The vaccination process at VNVC is scientific and self-contained, including 5 steps, helping customers to vaccinate safely, conveniently, quickly, save time, and don't worry about waiting.

Price list

VNVC guarantee to offer a competitive and stable price even in time of vaccine shortage.