Should I get a rabies vaccination as a preventive measure?


Should I get a rabies vaccination as a preventive measure?


Answered by MD Bui Ngoc An Pha, Medical Advisor, and Former Medical Director of VNVC:

We know that if we unfortunately have rabies, the mortality rate is 100%. If you are vaccinated after a bite or a scratch, there are two disadvantages:


  • Firstly: Regarding the injection schedule for cases of dog bites, the number of injections and the injection interval are very strict. The injection interval would be 0 – 3 – 7 – 14 – 28, ie 5 continuous injections.
  • Secondly: If we unfortunately have animal bites, the bite is quite severe, requiring serum transfusion, which is not a simple technique.


Therefore, it is recommended by experts that if we are located in areas with a high risk of dog bites, we should take the initiative to prevent rabies by getting vaccinated. This will bring us 2 advantages:


  • Firstly: We will just need to have 3 injections and totally can take the initiative in terms of time, with an injection interval of 0 – 7 – 21 or 28.
  • Secondly: When we unfortunately have dog bites, the injection schedule is extremely simple, with just 2 injections and no need for serum injection.


When it comes to rabies vaccine technology, our customers are usually concerned that nerves could be adversely affected. But nowadays, rabies vaccines have been produced with modern technology, grown on vero cells, so the current rabies vaccine is extremely safe, and we can take the initiative to inject it immediately, even if we have not been bitten or scratched by an animal.

Vietnam is circulating popular rabies vaccines such as: Verorab (France), and Abhayrab (India). To schedule a vaccination at VNVC, you can call the hotline 028.7300.6595 or leave a message for VNVC fanpage (Vaccination Center for Children and Adults).