Do VNVC offer medical lab service? Can I request a blood test to measure the Hepatitis B and Varicella IgG antibody?

Nguyễn Thị Thu Thủy, Bình Chánh
VNVC Centers

VNVC do not offer medical lab test for customer. However, our partner – Nutrihome is the provider of Nutrition Medicine – Sports Medicine and Medical Laboratory Service. You can visit Nutrihome for nutrition consultant, medical lab test, nutrition therapy, and sport medicine.

To request blood tests to measure the hepatitis B and varicella IgG antibody, please call 1900633599 or visit their Page at TrungtamDinhduongYhocVandongNutrihome.

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When do I register for covid - 19 vaccination?

Nguyễn Minh Đông, TP.HCM
VNVC Centers

VNVC is the only company eligible to be licensed by the MOH to import covid-19 vaccine until now. The first batch of AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccines that reached Vietnam a month ago are now given for 16 priority groups as mentioned by the Health Ministry plan.

VNVC keeps working with suppliers to import more covid-19 vaccines. We will update the latest news about how and when to deliver our vaccine to the people on our website as well as the media and the Department of Health. Please visit our website at or Page trungtamtiemchungvnvc for further information.

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I am over 26, can I get the HPV vaccine?

Trịnh Hoàng Oanh, P8, Q.4, TP.HCM
Dr Nguyen Le Nga - General Manager, VNVC Centers - Northern Vietnam

In Vietnam, the HPV vaccines are recommended only for teens and young adults from 9 – 26 years old. People that are over 26 years old or become sexually active may also receive vaccination, but they may get less benefit. For further information, please contact 028 7300 6595.

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What types of HPV vaccines are there? How much do they cost and where could I get it?

Nguyen Le, HCM City

VNVC centers offer Gardasil – 4v HPV (US) that protects against HPV type 6, 11,16, 18 for teens and young adults under 26 years old. We recommend that they should get 3 doses with the approx price of 1.790.000 VND.

VNVC has over 50 centers across Vietnam including 8 centers located in the Hanoi area. To book an appointment for vaccination, please call 028 7300 6595 or inbox our Page at trungtamtiemchungvnvc.

Thank you.

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