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In the first week of September 2021, VNVC has imported 3 more batches consisting of 2.016.460 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine. This marked the largest delivery of vaccine to Vietnam. Since February, VNVC has received more than 10 million doses, taking 33.3% of the historical purchasing agreement of 30 million doses between the company and AstraZeneca.

As positive cases continue to rise and death toll has broken records, Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong have reported a total state of overload in our medical system. Vietnamese citizens are in dire need of timely vaccination more than ever before. Vigorously pushing this process is the only way to achieve herd immunity, giving new hope in this strenuous battle against the pandemic.

Besides the number, the recent delivery of 2.016.460 doses of vaccine convey a deeper meaning during this hard time as every dose counts towards the life of our own people. Therefore, it will be immediately launched to reinforce the Government, making sure our nationwide vaccination program could never be postponed due to vaccine shortage.

“We are all in a decisive race with this pandemic, one that can only be beaten with fast and timely vaccination. We are happy to know that the Ministry of Health has sped up the vaccination process while expanding target groups at the same time. Millions of vaccine doses we purchased earlier from AstraZeneca have been brought to our people. Another patch means another ray of hope to save more lives. VNVC will soon made a nonprofit transaction to handle these patches to the Ministry so it will be used immediately.” – said Madame Vu Thi Thu Ha, VNVC supply chain director.

After passing the final stage of the quality assessment process, these 3 patches will be stored in VNVC and AstraZeneca’s specialised vaccine refrigerators. They will in turn be transferred to the Ministry of Health as soon as possible while making sure the quality is unaffected. VNVC will also be responsible for all expenses and costs incurred (including cost of delivery, cost of risk and others) with an estimated number of more than a hundred million VND.

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